Feeling like I just had the experience to end all experiences today. Still reeling at it, actually. Enchanted Kingdom just opened up again after almost a year of non-operational due to covid19 pandemic. It is only on weekends, so we made it a GO, kinda a post-birthday celebration courtesy of my BFF, Vicky Teng. 
Kids are not allowed yet at this time, so its kinda we owned the vast playgrounds all to ourselves. A surefire that this day promises a whole new experience for us.

Occasionally thought though is that, where was I when this place hit the road 26 years ago??? Well, this one spells FUN!!!! and my FIRST TIME, mind you. LOL. I selected the 'safer' rides or else my blood pressure will shoot up in no time.

Though most indoor activities - theaters and the likes - were still closed due to some restrictions, we were never short of (fun) rides. Planning to visit the kingdom again when everything is operational then. Enjoy!!!  


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