Stress is very much a thing of the present. What with all the ever-changing conditions set by IATF in the NCR.  And here's hoping the conditions - GCQ - will stay longer. Though the retail biz is not that 'busy' in most days, but life seems to hurry from one hour to the next, and then you blink and two weeks have passed by.  Having the time, though most of myself, eh, to chill out and recoup is something I could do with. Like finding a space for a couple of snaps for my #OOTDs is blissful in many ways. Simple pleasures in life. 

These days, Al Fresco dining is trendy. From 10% to 30% capacity this late for dine-in, most restaurants have been creatively passionate of turning out al fresco setting into a casual, yet festive with a party-like atmosphere. Though diners favored late afternoons to an early evening of dining (read: sun is out and about, high summer it is, people!), they also wants an experience. It also affects their senses with the festive atmosphere while enjoying the food.

Finding ways to reduce our stress is something we all need. Have some Al Fresco dining with friends or your family. Getting outside, whiling your time is blissful harmony. Enjoy some lazy summer afternoons.

Light and love.

Location: Greenbelt
Outfit: H&M
Raffia Bag: Mango


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