We don't plan it ahead of time. We just focused on gathering together for our post-Holiday dinner at Sharon's house. Since she has work on a Sunday, we told her that whatever is available at the moment will do. Importantly, we can do catching up. 

But she has a wonderful way on planning the event. 'A little perfection is endearing, why not', Sharon told us. Practical menu but delish just the same. We had a great time over a selection of pasta, macaroni salad, beef stew, chicken paella and for our dessert, we had cake from Contis. Long overdue post, I know but I am happy to share this one. 

I recommend highly on doing this than going out. This might be a no-brainer, but really is the best way to save money on your dinner party. Most of us are still recovering from this pandemic strain but an evening at home, in the company of good friends, may just be the perfect way to warm our hearts.

Light and love.



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