Many moons ago, pre-pandemic time, I had the chance to watched a Velez Reyes fashion show featuring her numerous impeccable wedding gowns. Held on top of Conrad Manila Luxury Hotel overlooking Manila Bay. The setting was truly perfect! BFF Farley and I lost no time in checking out the fashion spectacle as soon as Ina confirmed us in.

Seems I can't get enough with all the gowns worn by top models, as they sashayed through the runway with the skies and sea in its blue shade, an interplay of designs, material and proportion. Every number is a show stopper. 

To simply put it the designer in her own words, " Took me months to think of gowns that will reflect how I see any bride. Soft, fluid silhouettes that celebrate the feminine figure, details that sing, gowns that will reflect the happiness every bride feels inside ".

Light and love.

Thank you, Ina for taking care of us during the event.


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