Since the coronavirus pandemic hit last year, I have experienced a huge amount of emotions. My dreams at night were even huge. There has been a lot of anxiety, thinking about the future. Where to get funds to make both ends met and so on. I can keep on rambling here but hey, life is good!

Over the period of social distancing, wearing mask and face shield and this recent two weeks lockdown, I have found myself looking more closely at my life, how I regard my friends and family. Sometimes, I go over things like thinking about people in this country, how would they survived and go on with their day to day lives with no transparency from the Government. Its been a year and we are still at a point of recurring cycle. 

Reminding myself of the worldwide struggles, I can say I am still lucky. I have a wonderful #mango family and caring friends. Though my family is far, they always serve as my inspiration. My constant source of love and light. But again, I am just human, I can lose sight of what I have and get caught up with the daily stresses of life.  Seize the moment!

I know for sure this will be over the soonest. Stay positive, in the truest sense of the word.

Until then, let us all stay safe.

Light and love.

Special thanks to BFF, Ma'am Letty Semeniano for treating us. Glad to see Fatima and Rod. Ti'll the next. Not to mention, our booming laughters with the #Trinoma team. Missing you guys already. 



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