The Alley by Vikings in BGC was our place of choice one fine December. Obviously with its numerous choice of cuisines, longer tables ( which reminded me back in the day when every family member is present happily sharing home-cooked meals ) and friendly staff. IG-worthy too. What with its unique themed-halls. Especially so its festive season. I think were literally the last diners standing before their closing time.  The goal is, to check out every hall there is. LOL. 

Keeping up is one thing that we excitedly looked forward to, setting aside work load; to recharge, unwind and unload. Of course, our booming laughters reverberate the halls with our 'stories' in between sip and bite.  

To 'loosen up' our bellies from food coma, we've decided to check out their bakery with the sweetest variety of cakes to choose from with a good cup of espresso and flavored teas to boot. 

Can't wait to visit the halls, soon. 

Light and love.

The Alley by Vikings in BGC is an international street-inspired food hall with numerous food concepts. Unlimited food and drinks to your heart's content. The Oriental foodie that I am, I am thrilled with their wide selections of Chinese, Korean and Japanese cuisines. What amazed me is how these cuisines uses lesser amount of spices and herbs yet taste so good. So much so when I have to concoct my own dip consisted of soy sauce, sesame oil, sesame seeds and rice wine vinegar which you can also ask from the staff to prepare it for you.  I am partial though to Continental fare. 

This pandemic, Vikings is more of take-outs.
Get FREE TAHO (choice of peach or strawberry flavor) when you order buffet-to-go now good for 3pax. Promo is applicable for orders made thru only. 
Valid from March 22 to April 10 2021.


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