Just in time for #MECQ, and that would mean we could celebrate Melvin's birthday, al fresco! Yay! 

Though the rest of the gang were not able to come and celebrated with us at Shakey's-MOA, their thoughts and warm wishes were just enough to brighten up the birthday boy's special day. 

Melvin have not given much thought on his birthday early on. The recent lockdown (na paulit-ulit nalang!) for one has somewhat dampen his spirits. Two, this pandemic will leave a bad taste to some when many are hungry and here we are planning for a celebration.

But the 'nagger' in me rise above the situation. LOL. Jokingly aside, I told him that it is only celebrated once a year. Why not! You deserved it. 

To cut the story short, Melvin made it a GO and gathered us for a simple yet fun-filled (late) lunch.

Gemma and hubby, Alex came all the way from Taguig. 

Hil, the life of the party that he is, has never run out of jokes despite lack of sleep the other night. Fresh pa din! LOL. Ano nalang ako, na complete and tulog, di pa din fresh! LOL.

Asked about his wishes on his birthday, Melvin had only one wish, World Peace! Charot! I know this guy through and through, his passions, his drive towards life is unimaginable. He always set the bar high.  

Yes, fly high, dude. Follow your dreams. But first, let me eat. It's way past 4 pm already.😆

Happy birthday! 😜


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