Apart from merchandising, styling is one thing that I am always excited about doing from time to time. Working with #mango , the dream became a reality. The adrenaline rush in me while building up the collection is somewhat beyond description. Ideas is overflowing but always keeping in mind the editing part. 

Obviously, dossier is helpful, to begin with. There you can see the story of each collection. I've spent several days putting together the collection. To make matters easy for me, I've always chose top store where garments of the season is almost complete.  Else, there would be proposal of transfers.


But before the actual show, there would be fittings of models. Set cards of models are sent to me beforehand for their stats: measurements, size of shoes among others. Good thing that the store team always be on hand to assist me anytime. This is not a one-man-show, after all! 

I always chose weekdays so there would be not much 'traffic' in the store. This way, fittings would be somewhat a 'breeze'. Models would be given specific (fitting) time from their agency, so as not to come in full force. And for me too to allot ample time for each model during fittings as there would be newer selection and changes in the process. Tedious actually but in control just the same. And not to mention male models who took my breath away. Charot! Kind of hard to consistently acting like a pro when in fact you are dying inside. Hoi! LOL. 


Usually, preparations would only take a week or so before the actual show. And on the day of the show itself, I will chose the best team for the quick changes of models and for egress as well.  On my part, I will check each of the models before hitting off the ramp. Everything should be perfect! But there would always be some hits and misses at times, forgetting an alarm on a certain garment one time. Whew! Good thing the model hid it flawlessly via scarf. But that was really scary! But again, the show must go on. 

Every after show, there would be inventory in the store. Expect a few buttons being misplaced, accessories with broken locks and so on. Importantly, there would be no losses. Else, it would be another story. LOL. With the current situation these days, I am sure it would take longer time to do styling for an actual show again. But in the meantime, let us do digital. Everything now is into it but for me, personally, not that fun and engaging. Let us hope this pandemic will end the soonest. 

Light and love.


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