Long overdue - Baguio trip - post, I know. But better late than never. I had all the free time this late. This ECQ - Enhanced Confusion Quarantine - if I may say so, is the usual suspect. What else to do but eat, sleep, and repeat the process. LOL. Thankful that I am in the comfort of my home.  I could afford to sleep like there's no tomorrow. Nevertheless, this lockdown is minor adjustments for me. I have struggled and came out fine - knock on wood -  last year's almost 3 months lockdown, so this one is kinda OK. I can't help but be angry but my complains were not be heard. So bring it on! LOL. Where am I? Oh, the Baguio trip. 

From afar, I may be wowed by this nice view and wonder how these houses were built in this fashion. I was thinking another thing, God forbid.

The best travel buddies. Ever.

Its a plane, its a bird. Buddies, Aries and Isagani were too busy minding the nice view while I, is chained on my phone. 

Funny incident of this Baguio trip was the long drive to our place of stay. It was way far from the city. Not to mention that we were lost looking for it. It took manong driver an hour, asking locals even for its address. The place was not that easy to navigate with many small, circular roads to manage. Thankfully, we've settled in way past dinner time. Everyone's hungry and dead-tired. Dinner in a snap, as almost everyone were rushing in to their beds for a good night of sleep.

Locals/villagers gamely plays with our cam.

Spot On!         
Being a plantito, himself, this place best fit for Isa.

Serenity and peace. Charot!

Alay-Lakad is real!

Seem Skyflakes these days comes in handy.

Are you READY!!!!!!!!

'Honey, I Shrunk the Kids', cast.

Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream. 

Traffic enforcer of the day!


Have you seen some ghosts, people!

We've visited Burnham Park and took our lunch there, the kids went boating as well, explored Camp John Hay, visited the Bell House at Camp John Hay, checking in the majestic feels of Mines View Park - teeming with tourists that day, as usual, so I've decided to stay and waited for them in time for late merienda. Of course, we've had a taste of strawberries at Strawberry Farms in La Trinidad. 

We've missed out BenCab Museum though which I love to visit soon, and the Tam-awan Village, missing out the ethnic ways of the villagers. Oh, Diplomat Hotel is one for the books. Eerie kind of place. Albeit the place was popularized by its tragic stories, its a different mode when seeing it up close and personal. I never forgive myself by not going on bargain hunting at Baguio Night Market. I guess the proximity of our place is the reason for this. Again!

Thank you, too, to Len who took her time out to met us in our difficult-to-find home just to bring us out in the city and have a taste of Baguio night life. 

See you, Baguio soon. Checking on missing spots then.  
Light and love.

Disclaimer: Kindly bear the cloudy photos. I have gathered some from friends file.



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