Overall, the new underpass may not yet be fully complete, but its design and look wowed netizens this late. 


Being famous for being seedy, crowded, and in sorry state, The Lagusnilad Underpass 'facelift' this late is a breeze. Thanks to Mayor Isko Moreno for being instrumental of the changes. Hoping this early, it would remain the same even after political 'seats' have changed.

It is a fresh take seeing 'greens' patch at the entrances, a far cry from its dirty walls sometime ago. I've never thought it would be this good. Potted plants everywhere.  All the more that we were excited of what's ahead of us in the underpass. Giant murals greeted us depicting Philippines history. Commendable! Fitting as background for IG snaps.😊 Lighting mood is perfect, you will be transported in a different world. Lost no time in taking snaps with my BFF.

What is also delightful with this project of Mayor Isko is that it can be a tool for the  new generation of today immersing themselves via the new Lagusnilad visually appealing life sized back-lit photos of Manila's history. 

On the other hand, it can also promote tourism as part of itineraries for tourists aside from the famous National Museum, San Sebastian Basilica, Luneta, Manila Cathedral among other touristy spots in the city. 

Light and Love!


Mini Library - work in progress.
Directional signs features baybayin translations.


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