Long overdue post, I know, but this party could be the merriest of them all.

Hurrah! for a great year that was. 

With the countdown to Christmas now very much underway, I was wondering how our favourite holiday party will play out any sooner, given with our current situation. Will Santa would be able to grant my wishes? I can say with certainty that Christmas falls on the 25th of December, and at this point, that's the only thing I am sure about. Beyond that, I leave it all to Santa. 

Obviously, Christmas would be in a different light this year. It can be a 'socially distant' one, I suppose. What with the increasing rate of infections and the future of vaccine is bleak at this time. Then for sure, we won't be that 'merriest' come Christmas time. Hey don't fret, people. Its not the end of our lives. Our crucial aspect that will remain unchanged will be spending it with our family. Period. Be thankful. Our main goal now is to be healthy. Plenty of good health. Rest will follow accordingly, in God's time. 
Light and Love!



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