I've miss out the beach this summer past.  What with the lockdown during (summer) months. Resorts were closed, temporarily. Good timing too for some owners doing 'rehabilitation' in time for the re-opening when everything is back to 'normal' conditions again. 

Well, what did I do this late? Browsing through on my beach albums. Oh, yes, wishful thinking that someone will TAKE ME BACK, pronto! 😀

I have a deep and profound respect for the ocean and nature. I want all beaches cleaner. But I'm no beach bum myself, truth be told. Rare moments that I stay longer in the waters. I just love whiling my time in the shorelines: sipping pina colada and reading books. Typically I am inactive, idle - as most of my friends describe me - but I am the one who will never fail to entertained them with anything but funny stories. Life of the beach, it is!😀 

That said, I have my lists of favorite beaches that I have visited for the past years. Either by invitation through friends or I am the one organizing the get-away. 

So, here's the breakdown:


One of the many beaches people of Pangasinan boast about is Patar White Beach in Bolinao. So, if you're in for a holiday, then I recommend this highly. Best to plan out earlier because the beautiful town of Bolinao is home to many natural and man-made wonders. Patar White Beach is a long stretch of off-white sand with the most bluest water one can enjoy. Dubbed as Hidden Treasure of The North, some places were untouched and preserved. The shore is dotted with kubos for a minimal rent. There are stores nearby selling meriendas and even take your order if you want a complete meals. Our place was a paradise on its own as this is fronting another side of the beach but the waters is choppy. Our 3-day vacation took us to famous spots along the area by visiting the historic St. Michael Archangel Church for one, and combing too their public market for some fresh catch-of-the-day. We've cooked our own meals during our stay. 

Vowed to come back anytime soon.

Maxi dress is the order of the day when at the beach!

In good company.


With my friends in tow, the vacay was nothing short of pleasure and adventure. I can see myself retiring in Boracay. 😀 Truthfully, island life is appealing to me these days. I am no beach bum, myself but this late it was the reverse. Being whisked away in a paradise like Bora is just so heaven, away from the hustle and bustle in the city. The possibilities for pleasure and adventure in this paradise seems endless.  

Boracay still mesmerized me in more ways than one. Tourists from around the world come to this paradise with its crystal-clear waters and powder-soft white sand that never get hot even in the afternoon sun. 

PUKA BEACH - a stunningly serene beach, clear turquoise waters and vibrantly colored marine life at Boracay's nearby islands.


Caramoan, Caramoan is a first-class municipality in the province of Camarines Sur, Bicol Region. It is located at the tip of the Caramoan Peninsula, a rugged place of land extending into the waters of the Maqueda Channel on the north and east and Lagonoy Gulf on the south.

We were blown away by the beautiful islands and cliffs.


People who have been here even say that Mahabang Buhangin Beach in Calaguas can even rival Boracay beaches.  But what I can confirm is that everytime I set foot on its clean powdery white sands, I couldn’t say a thing. So I’m pretty sure it’s one of the best islands in the Tropic Pines.

The natural and preserved beauty of Calaguas Island has always been its major selling point and is something which tourists in general sought after. 


So much to see in the resort had we spent it overnight, but a day of swimming and beach combing is enough to calm my weary bodies and preoccupied mind. It was quiet, less visitors on the day of our visit except for some young (read: bagets) revelers. An eye-candy of sort but a little noisy at times. High on alcohol, I suppose. But overall, the resort is nice. Three sandy beaches with loungers, cabanas and water sports, what more can I ask for. See you soon!😀


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