Braving through Manila district on a rainy weekend is no mean feat. But again, searching for this popular cafe has given me the sense of 'good feel' and excitement. And it turned out to be more than what I've expected for. 

Truly rewarding!

Impressed by its Neoclassical structure, the building is located in Juan Luna St. in Binondo. If you are a first timer of the place, you will be surprised that informal settlers were very much visible nearby and numerous abandoned buildings too. But the cafe's overall feel and its nice ambiance when we were seated in to our assigned table, has changed all that. The place is so IG worthy. 

Our table is near the giant Christmas Tree. Yes, the place this early is decked with all the season's frills and 'thrills'. Adding to that is the Christmas music in the background. Perfect!

A happy tummy Sunday, after all!
Nice ambiance and a perfect duo of taro cake and muscovado coffee.

Before else is settled in, a mandatory snap with BFF with the cafe's life-sized tree as background.

So much to keep up with BFF, Vicky Teng. 

I have felt right away the homey yet modern feel of the place from the time we settled in. Chairs were upholstered in bright colors and there are several shelves with wine bottles and coffee paraphernalia. I love high ceilings and this cafe is no exception. One good start to while away my afternoon with my BFF. 

The cafe's second floor has several private function rooms for intimate meetings and dinners. Akin to Chinese tea houses in the neighboring cafe and restaurants in the area. By the way, the cafe's menu has vegetarian dishes. Unheard of from the rest so this is a thumbs up!👍 Also, the cafe serve great breakfast too as the establishment is open by 7 am. 

Not much diners that mid-afternoon but the place was packed at night time. We stayed way past 6 pm. We did not order dinner though but we've promised ourselves to come back for a gastronomic feast anytime soon. 

Light and Love!

Location: 117 Juan Luna Street, Binondo, Manila
Store Operations: 7:30 am to 7:30 pm (new 'normal' schedule) else, it would be until 10:30 pre-covid time.
Contact Numbers: (02) 842-97068
Facebook Page: Grand Cafe 1919
Instagram: @grandcafe1919


  1. Thanks for sharing your Christmas eve with internet users or blog lovers. I want to tell you that I also enjoyed the Christmas party with my family. I am from Australia & I booked a special cafe table in Brisbane and enjoyed the delicious dinner party.

    1. Hi Emma. Good to hear that. Thanks for dropping by.


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