I finally got the good news after two months of lockdown: I could resume work again!

On March 16, Tropic Pines was officially on lockdown. Everything was put to a stop! Businesses were closed but some managed to continue operating following curfew hours than the usual 24/7 routine like 7Eleven, Mini Stop and many more. People were in panic buying. Hoarding. Not a drop of conscience for many. You can't blame them. "Focus, I told myself". But again I was distracted of the fact that there is no work for me for two months time. On top of everything, the #OOTDs. LOL๐Ÿ˜†

Home is where my refuge is!

My (daily) coffee intake has shoot up! And stronger this time. Anxiety sets in. I had no idea where to begin with. This "set-up" is somewhat vague to me.  I am not used to this, to begin with. I could no longer wear my outfits to work. No #OOTDs for two months๐Ÿ˜… So many weird and funny thoughts came flooding in. The days went by to weeks, and finally on the third week of April, I was able to enjoy life at home. I began re-arranging furniture around the house. My apartment is not so big but not too tiny either. I brought something new to my place. Interior plants, hang and potted. They're everywhere in my place: receiving area, dining and bedroom. Not to mention, the loo. It has somewhat evolved these days. I planted vegetables that are easy to grow in closed and smaller areas. Yes, you've heard it right. Planting veggies in an apartment. The "blooms" has somewhat gave me the calm. 

Caffeine High! Anyone!

TOBY, manning the plants, er, house.

Blooms in Cartimar.
Not So Great Expectations
The world has changed dramatically. Truly, a global crisis. Worsening financial conditions. And the retail market were not spared. Essential goods were of top priority at this time. Who am I to complain with our sales downturn. But were surviving. And taking comfort of the fact that this too shall pass. Nothing is permanent. 

One of the biggest impacts has been the reduction in passenger transport demand. Many have been walking from home to work since June. There are re-routing of buses from my place so I have to take the trains. But this late, I opted for Hybrid Bus that would take me to Makati, just because of high infection #covid19 cases of MRT and LRT staff.

In contrast, passenger transport is often optional. Work from home is also encouraged. Thus delivery services demand is high. GrabFood, FoodPanda to name a few, lead the pack. This "new normal" set-up may take sometime for us to adapt, but always see the positive side out of it. Again, this too shall pass but learn the lesson.

Make Things Light And Might

I find things - sort of funny to me - regarding measures when one is back at work - or when one is out and about - as being imposed by DOH and many others. Share your thoughts on this.

1. We can be a "Welding Warriors" at some point of our lives. How's that! I need to breath! Ugh!๐Ÿ˜ž

2. ZombieLand is REAL! Suit yourself!

3. Need company when dining out? How"s that! Pick one that suits your personality.

4. Disinfectant tent can be a good tool for #OOTD.

5. "Do Not Cross The Line Or Else!" Or to make matters laughingly-worse, "Police, Do Not Cross The Line" Charot! LOL.
With the new mall implementation of this "new normal", only one (store) entrance will accommodate customers. And daming baguhin kay #covid19 ๐Ÿ˜ Hays.

6. Cooking and Marketing is FUN, after all! What's cooking!

I just leave you with some photos taken pre-covid with dear colleagues. 
Happy long weekend, everyone!


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