Traveling - it leaves you speechless, then turns you a storyteller'.

I'm not going to lie: If not for my company, I would not be able to travel abroad. But I was destined to travel, anyway. LOL.😊 But I work hard too. So I wanted to take a moment to thank #Trimark for allowing me to explore few dream destinations in the past years. But here's the catch: travel better, smarter and cheaper. What with all the affordable packages, pre-covid, that many travel agencies are offering. Besides the cheaper rates out there, its the experience that counts. So every time we were able to spent a vacation abroad, we zest the moment! How can you be idle when you are in the company of your beloved colleagues who also become your (second) family. Heartwarming stories along the way and taking incredible photographs together for memories to cherish by. 

I've realized this late that's its been a while since I am not out of the country. More so with the present situation: It would take say, two years, for us to be able to travel in 'normal' conditions. Fingers crossed. There are so many interesting places out there awaiting to be discovered. Wanderer lang and peg! Charot!😃 Anyways, here's my favorite places I have been to many moons ago. Some photos were not that good though. 

Dateline: Taiwan

This trip is one for the books. 

It is so unique because of its history and a number of unique cultural factors. Taiwan was never on my bucket lists despite its proximity to the Philippines. Maybe because there is no need for a visa to go there, then its decidedly the place to be. 

Being lost in the beautiful city is one good start of a journey.

Always on the go!

Dateline: Hong Kong

Perhaps, Hong Kong is the one country I've visited several times, yet it is always giving me something new to discover. The lustre of the place never fades. Very cosmopolitan. The pulsating energy and vibe you instantly feel the moment you land HK. Such an excitement! I never get tired of exploring Hong Kong in the near future. Its proximity also is very favorable.

Kids at heart - Disneyland!

Urban mood


Dateline: Singapore

It is illegal to spit in Singapore. And expensive city than its neighboring countries. But the place has a vast choices when it comes to favorite places to visit. I love Clarke Quay to wind down at night and the shopping bonanza in Orchard Street during day. I need more cash when in Singapore. LOL. 

Shopping is the order of the day!

Dateline: Beijing, China

I'm a little anxious traveling to China. More so of Beijing. It is a historical city so its a little obvious: The people are conservative. I've done my fair share of travel in some nice spots in Asia but China never felt this uncomfortable. Locals were staring at me as if they just saw a random alien being lost in the city. LOL. But thanks to our guide, Mimi. The day to day tours were pleasant and memorable.

Not missing the mark - Great Wall it is!

Dateline: Barcelona

As you've probably guessed already, the place is close to my heart. I've worked for the brand for so many years where it all started from this city. What is nice with Barcelona is that it is small and walkable that you can explore the city in a day. Thanks to my company and #Mango that I was able to discover the city more than once. I can retire in Barcelona💗

Exploring the infamous Plaza Catalunya

Tapas, anyone!


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