So many to see at this year's Art Fair Philippines 2020. Six floors exhibit to be exact, which boasts of different exhibitors from here and abroad. Jellyfish Kisses Sewing Club booth blew me away, to start with. Maybe because its quirky and inclined to fashion. Its interactive too. You can participate by sewing scraps of fabric to create a dress. The artist, Anton Belardo body of work is a work in progress. The finished dress or dresses will be showcased at the Soft Punk Spring Summer 2020. You can stay longer in the booth and get relax and be...creative.

Cousin, Onib Olmedo delivers his triumphant technique and affinity to common men and women via his ' The Triumph Of Everyman '.

The Fair will run from February 21 to 23 at the Link Carpark in Makati. 


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