I've always find #Chinatown a real play of the senses. Food, (seedy) streets bustling with so much activities, which dates back to the early 1590s, historical churches, karitelas. So much to explore. It is well-loved by local and foreign tourists who are looking for real adventure. One thing that brings me back to this place is the food. You can never be a real foodie until you have scoured through #Binondo. Right. Here, you can find lots of authentic hole-in-the-wall establishments serving everything from flashy Cantonese-themed lauriat meals to homey Hokkien-style Tsinoy cooking. So off we we went one, fine Sunday. It was mix of food crawling and shopping. The best weekend spent. Thankfully, I have the best buddies with me with one thing in mind: gastronomic feast. We also check out the infamous #Quiapo church. We were surprised how the once packed sidewalks were now cleaner and spacious. But there are some who are above the law, cutting spaces. Calling #Yorme Isko Moreno. Charot! 


Light and love!

HOW TO GET TO BINONDO Nearest Train Station: LRT1-Carriedo Bus Routes: North Avenue-Sta. Cruz FX Routes: Divisoria-Roxas Blvd./Baclaran; Divisoria-Taft/Buendia/Baclaran Jeepney Routes: Cubao-Divisoria; Divisoria-Roxas Blvd./Baclaran; Divisoria-Taft/Buendia/Baclaran; Espana-Divisoria; Morayta-Divisoria; North Avenue-Sta. Cruz; San Juan-Divisoria; Sta. Cruz-Binondo/Divisoria; Sta. Cruz-Taft/Buendia/Baclaran


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