Typically, I'm running errands on a Sunday. On the contrary, it gives me the chance too, to check on what's happening in the metro while doing my tasks. I had a wonderful day spent this Sunday's past via #TheCommunityTrade bazaar in Bonifacio High Street. Aside from the very nice ambiance of the place, the weather was favorable too. The colder air of December has come earlier this side of town. The place was dotted with unique items from the many sellers who contributed success to the event. 
I had a great time meeting sellers in person, knowing their story on how they started off the "bazaar biz" and eventually saw the business grew. "Some were an instant hit, with how the consumers love it since the inception of the products being sold but generally, it was a slow pace to most as competition were stiff and high", narrated one of the lucky seller in the place. "Location is also a very important factor to consider with", she added. Thankfully, #BGC is one good place to do bazaars.


Obviously, I'm at my happiest when surrounded with #organic products from the bazaar. From food to #sustainable clothing produced locally. There is something for everyone. Obviously, venue was huge one can roam around without the hassle. More so, the place is pet-friendly, then one can bring along their furry friends with them. Since I was enjoying myself with all my finds from the bazaar, I took the chance to check on wonderful Christmas mode in the area as well.

Light and Love!



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