Many moons ago, we went on a full stop from our daily grind to celebrate Mango 20th Anniversary. Newly-opened Shangrila-Fort store was singled-out as the “stomping ground”. Revelers came in, dressed in their tasteful street wear. No one copied one another. Heavens must be very happy that particular night: starry at that, coupled with gentle winds.

Calm Before The Storm

#SAGA team delivers a good show, as usual. Staying true to the brand’s vision, Robby Carmona always turned every #Mango Anniversary a memorable one. It was pretty frenzy earlier that day. Tasks have been delegated. Set was progressively in placed, while Host Joey Mead have been selecting her outfit from a rack of clothes while reading cue cards at same time. Not to mention the endless fittings of models while sipping coffee in between. Calm before the storm is an understatement this time.


Ripe For The Picking

The summers of 1999 saw the brand so “sweetly” embraced by many. It was a historical moment for the retail industry. Not only it exceeded its expectations but also notably put a stamp in the fashion industry. It’s a byword, to say the least. From few stores to more than a dozen these days, the brand introduced too #MAN and #KIDS lines, 2012 and 2013, respectively. 
Proudly this late, the brand is very much involve in making out sustainable collection all for the love of our Mother Nature, by way of ethical production. That’s quiet a fruitful of information right there! On that note, I may leave you a very important reminder: Invest in timeless, core wardrobe pieces that you can build around. Buy higher quality goods that will last longer and that is what Mango is ALL ABOUT! 


Light and Love!


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