What was the high point of my trip? A lady friend asked me from my recent trip to Taipei. I smiled at her and answered back, "nothing but friendship and bonding". What better way to spent it is with colleagues that became family. 

The 3 days we've spent went by so quickly and management of time is important. Early morning call is a must to make it just in time for the breakfast buffet. I loved the excitement of smorgasbord. Who can't resist the several hot and cold dishes, from appetizers to desserts laid out before your very eyes. 

There's so much to do in Taipei that if you're a first time traveller, you might not even know where to start! Well, on our first day, since we arrived early, and our check-in time of our hotel, Diary of Taipei, is way ahead of us, we went our way visiting Bopiliao Old Street. The buildings here date all the way back to the Qing Dynasty and represent a part of Taipei that has not been touched by the city’s rapid development, making it a significant link to Taiwan’s cultural past! Plus, it’s an extremely photogenic place! Good thing the weather is slightly colder so a nice walk is favorable. 

From Bopiliao Old Street, we took a train and checked in Liberty Square. Here, we find important historical buildings such as the Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall, Taiwan’s National Concert Hall and Theatre. The square itself serves as an important place for public gatherings and represents an integral part of Taiwan’s democratic society. Oh, we did a side trip to LongShan Temple too.

Our hotel is situated in Ximending, a shopping district. It is the source of Taiwan's fashion, subculture and Japanese culture. The place is a host of some clubs and pubs in the surrounding area. So expect at night time, the place is bustling. Aries and I always checked the place every night where we had our late dinners while also combing the place. It boasts of anything but locally produced fashions aside from the giants like H&M, Uniqlo among others. Here also you can find street performers and Starbucks is everywhere.


On our second day, we booked a half-day tour and made a wish and released traditional sky lanterns on Pingxi Old Street. I hope my wishes will come true in no time. The rest of the day were spent with random get-aways to 101 Taipei Mall and The Regent and made some shopping on the side. There are still many things to do and places to visit when you're in Taipei but vowed to come back soon for another exploration. Three days is not enough! But one thing I am sure though, I love the place. 
See you soon again, Taipei😉 
Light and Love.❤️



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