Cape always give me the chills. A good chills, actually. LOL. Whenever I see one, your guess is as good as mine, then it would be on my mind until I retire to sleep at night and even had a dream about it. LOL. Call me vain because I am a legit vain! 
Jokingly aside, cape is one good investment. Versatile to any mode of dressing. Put one and then you're good to go. It add drama to otherwise simple ensemble. Maxi length, in my case today, is another story though. especially so if its made of knits. My trick is to wear shoes with heels, avoiding a train wreck moment. Got the picture. Anyway, knitted cape don't have the swing factor unlike capes made of sateen material. I am partial with wearing it with a lacey shorts or something that is of shorter length. Culottes is another fab number to go with cape. A simple blouse or shirt will go well with it. 

Always go for simpler cut. The cape speak volumes, anyway. 

Follow your drama. 

Light and Love.



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