Indeed, a stylish duo of 100% (embroidered) kimono wrap and handbag. Set sailed moons ago with this interesting pieces and garnered some favorable comments from friends. They love the embroideries. I was elated from all their heartfelt regard. Not to mention that I scored these pieces on a great deal from one of my trips to my fave place, god knows where, HAHAHA.

How can you not felt wonderful with this coveted silk kimono brushing up your skin all day long. Seems still at my bedroom at daytime. In my kimono, no less. Jokingly aside, a kimono should be a part of one's wardrobe. Not just as utility garment but for a night or a day out of town. A traditional garment by Japanese women, this full-length robe is normally used in formal events and festivals, which represents politeness and respect. Obviously, these days, you can actually see one in a different ways possible, which matter in length, style, embellished or embroidered but still keeping its authentic sleeves shape. Designers has gone in full circle with this traditional garment. They treat this piece of garment as a challenge for them to re-create in this modern times. 


Light and Love.



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