Some days were just plainly coordinated ensemble, and some days were just a repeated piece of clothing styled in a different ways. But you will see me in more WAYS than one on a print-on-print outfit. 

Yup, it is safe to say that I am a pro when mixing prints. Truth to tell, I am at my best element when covered-up with loads of them. And moons ago is no exception. Beast-mode kinda feeling. Animal prints never left the building, so to speak. It is always a fave choice of the fashionphile when one set the bar. I mean, its not every one can get away with it. It takes an attitude to survive the day wearing one. The only trick to get the nod of the fashion god is to keep in mind that a mix should be of similar family of prints. Polka over stripes, leopard and cheetah won't hurt either, or be bold at times like animal print over floral. How's that! 

Strut in your own runway. 

Light and Love.



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