I have been contemplating on having a daily "uniform" for sometime now. Like an all-black ensemble everyday. It maybe black altogether but stylish. You see the daily styling demand sometimes took a toll on my stress level of consciousness. Don't get me wrong, peeps, I love playing dress-up, but being a one-man show is no picnic at the park. Living alone is kinda hard for some reasons that you have to do all the daunting tasks on a daily basis. Having said that, dressing-up everyday is taking me like forever. And it all happens all the time that the one you love to mix and match are the ones which need ironing.  And I do not like ironing clothes more so than washing. But what can I do? Nobody will do it for me but ME! 

End of the story. 😁

You see, manang always paid a visit to the flat every two weeks to do the washing (by hand, of course for extra clothes care) but not the ironing. So to make a short story shorter, and to make things easier for me as well, I bought a steamer this late. I scored the one on sale but a good brand. It's been two weeks since I am happily doing the chores everyday. But from time to time, an ironing board is a lifesaver for hard-to-ironed type of garments but seldom. Thankful with this little wonder. 

Anyway, so much so about doing all the works, peeps, let me serve you in the meantime some frilly, check number which I wore moons ago. Hope you like the mix and match of a similar family of prints. The usual me as always. Anyway, time flies so fast. Have you not noticed that we are halfway there. Its already July and my days are getting busier with the onset of Spring transition in the stores. I am talking about Mango collection. Yup, still on sale with our SS2017 collection but Autumn ( or should I say, Spring transitional garments) stories are now also making its presence with a good, promising collection this early. I can see myself and the team busier as ever in the coming weeks. Fast fashion it is! But no complaining whatsoever. 

The job the pays the rent. Grateful, though. 

Light and Love!



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