Moons ago, found this interesting piece of clothing. I was speechless the moment I laid my eyes on. There's no turning back but paid it right away. No ifs, no buts. On sale pa! Let's say it cost me for less than a hundred. LOL. 

Flea market finds always gives me the best value for my money. Stylish finds, not breaking the bank when it comes to budget, and mostly branded garments. I love to mix and match vintage pieces to my existing collection I have build-up for quite sometime now with the likes of fast fashion brands like Mango, Zara, etc. It's nice to received compliments from other people when it comes to styling my finds. The hi and lo factor that comes with every ensemble of the day. 

Most of the time, I broke my budget for a week mainly because of checking flea markets thrice a week. When I needed some perk-me-up vibe, the place gave me the high. Erases my stress, my happy pill. I have made a handful of 'suki' through the years. They texted me once their new collection is out. In my case, I always visit halfway through or sale time. On a favorable side, when new collection is out, I can have the first dib of the garments but a little pricey, though. Mostly, I can owned three very selected garments by then but for sure when sale time comes - after 3 weeks of spontaneous normal sales - I can go limitless. LOL. 

Light and Love!



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