A creative retreat is what I needed today and what better way to go is Antipolo. Not so distant from Manila via an hour drive and its a Holiday so traffic is not at its worst situation. With my squad in tow, we singled-out Pinto Art Museum, which is situated at No.1 Sierra Madre Street, Grand Heights. It is nestled on top of hills of Antipolo in a massive 12 hectare property. It is a contemporary art space made with such an impressively visual artistry. Entrance fee is Php200. We arrived around 11 a.m. and lost no time exploring the place.

Everyone was talking about this Santorini-inspired museum this late. Designed by Architect Antonio Leano, and owned by Dr. Joven Cuanang, it houses seven modern galleries that will satiate every art lovers there is and 2 cafes serving the best of Ilocano cuisine. You can eat al fresco overlooking the picturesque Santorini style architectures at Cafe Tan-aw by Peppermill. Its a good mix of good food and art. Get the picture! I recommend to visit the place early by 7 a.m. while the sun is less scorching or late afternoon after 3 p.m.

A plethora of visual images from some contemporary artists holds drama and theme in every gallery. Utterly compelling and stimulating. I have lost count of artworks in every shapes, themes and mediums. I never took time in the past staying longer in a museum until now. Except from other themes that were hard to understand from my point of view, generally, the overall vibe was but interestingly feast for the eyes. I never imagined this such beautiful place is existing rightfully in Antipolo. I saw some works in progress in some area of the huge property and I can't wait to see in the future what's in store for me then. 
Vowed to be back.
Light and love.


How to get to Pinto Art Museum: From Crossing, ride an FX to Antipolo (estimated fare at P45) or any FX passing by Ynares Center Antipolo. Get off at Ynares and take a tricycle to Grand Heights (where the museum is) for P20 -P40. From Cubao, head straight to Antipolo Proper then get off at Antipolo Church, ride a tricycle going to Grand Heights and tell the driver to drop you off at Pinto Art Museum, Sierra Madre Street. This should cost you P40-P50.


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