Ruffled style blouse is quiet visible at the onset of Spring 2017 season. It starTed with flutter sleeves. Then graduated to peplums. Now, ruffles are out in full force. Ruffles were one of the key trends at fashion month, decorating necklines, blouses, shirts and even skirts. Then towards summer, the style factor is bursting to the seams, so to speak. 

For sometime now, I have been into ruffles. When I was very much involved with designing clothes before Mango bug bit me, ruffles played an important role in my designs, especially bridal gowns. These days, ruffles implications on designs have gone overboard. In my case today, a generous ruffles on the sleeves area. LOL. Ruffles added drama to otherwise simple blouse. Surely, this style will stay, season after season. Always hit the mark. Surely, this will give you the ace in the styling department. 

Light and Love.



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