I just can't resist Mall Of Asia summer installation. So grand to me. Life-size and colorful. The area is teeming with mall rats, young and old alike, ready for their snaps. It cannot be denied that Pinoys really are fond of nice backdrops. So when the installations was out, many raised their seal of approval. I did too. LOL. 

One of the many perks in this tropic Pines is that we never run out of marketing gimmicks. Artsy walls, for instance, in BGC.  The place is dotted with art strokes, almost everywhere. Feast for the eyes! 

Anyways, my usual servings of tutu skirt capped today's #OOTD. Ballet-inspired styles has caught my fancy this late. Got a handful in different colors but my fave is this white and black one. Seems the rest are just gathering dust at my apartment. LOL. 

Light and Love.



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