Fringe Benefits

This late, this gradient fringe necklace is a current fave of mine. In fact, I wore this a lot of time. Well, its obvious. Its one piece of conversation, to begin with. And one, quick important note, I have made it myself. Yup, #DIY it is. Its actually a fringe attached to a dress from a friend who gave away her dress after one use. The thing is that the dress was a medium size. There is no way I can fit myself in. So it took months I've finally came down to an idea of converting it to a piece of accessory. Voila! one, exquisite kind. Happy kid here! Not to mention also its gradient factor. Something that I can wear with anything. Instant drama! But today is different. The necklace has some good effect when paired with something ethnic style. This cape from #Mango is one kind of wonder. Got this from last season's sale. LOL. Sale is good. But that's another story. LOL. Well, a white trousers is kind of nice to complement the ethnic cape and the necklace. Light and love.


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