My first refuge when down are clothes. Personally, it does heal me in many ways. Secondly, make-up. When these two are in order, then, I'm ready to face the world. Sound so vain, no doubt. 

I can't explain the good feels that comes with it. My worries, unfavorable situations at the moment will lighten-up, temporarily. Sprucing up is one way ticket to feel nice and good to yourself. Accordingly, we were not supposed to wear our hearts on our shoulders. Conceal as much as possible. Positivity begets positivity. Pack some punch everyday via a thought-out outfit. Not necessarily so "fashyon" but a little stylish piece will make the cut. A stylish pumps maybe. A printed scarf tied over your neck over a white ensemble or a large, rounded sunnies or how about you go all the way via a print-on-print combo of floral and stripes. Possibilities are quite a lot too many to begin with. 

Be adventurous.


Summer is here! Combing the beach is enticing, halo-halo is priceless at this point and floral prints are the main focal point on every windows in the malls. You can't missed the print, guys. So I brought out not just one but two different floral prints today via my #ootd. Scored this nice top moons ago. These days, a basic, printed tee is a nice combo with a spaghetti strap. So fresh take on how a top should be styled. And I love it! I can see myself scoring more cute tops in the coming days. LOL. 

Light and Love.



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