I survived the week! And barely. There's a lot going on and I'm on the edge of giving up. But thinking about it, and recalling back all the toiled years, sweat and blood poured in, so to speak, there is no way to retreat but forward. I'm willing to bleed. LOL. I assumed life is not fair. The decision is mine. That's all! Anyway, weekend is for some linen combo of sorts. LOL. Kidding aside, this late I am much particular with monotone dressing. Love the clean, crisp effect when worn. I am always on the lookout for this season's combo styles which are evidently abundant. Good heavens! That means breaking the bank during sale season. I don't care as long as I am happy. So vain! LOL. What really keeps me this whole thing are the clothes, for Christ sake! Call me vain but fashion is my sort of lifeline. Feeling good when I am dressing nicely, the way I styled them not dictated by someone else style. LOL. Actually, fashion bug bit me earlier on. Right after out from college, I went directly to a career in fashion ( quite contrary to my Journalism degree) which led me to some awakenings and realizations. I was correct! Its where I've got my reasons to keep on living. Who am I to complain, anyway. Light and love. Keep the beacon of fashion alive.


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