Checkered is usually squares of two different colours. It seems that overtime, I ocassionally refer check to plaid. Until I found out that plaid refers to the clothing, no matter what the pattern of the fabric is. 

Basically, I tend to look both lines similar saved from the distance of their square patterns accordingly. But tricky just the same. Having said that, I would like to know how you define checks, plaid, tartan in your corner of the world? Happy to hear your thoughts. 

So in the spirit of the season - FW2016 - I paid homage to this favorite pattern. This woven blouse was so perfect, boxy style, which purposely hide my ever-growing tummy, and the patterns which are made of solid squares without separate lines. What I loved most was its neutral color. It can be so versatile with any bottoms. And the fact that the squares are not so pronounced, this can be worn in any season possible. 

This late, the weather is rapidly cooling down, at unpredicatable mode by the way, so a maxi jacket can also be an added drama to it. Military jacket is making a scene these days so that would be a fitting choice. Just throw one up on your shoulder and you're ready to go. 

Light and Love!



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