I figured out to once again share some #DIY pieces I have been obsessed this late. 

The patches-on denim trend has been happening these days. Its suddenly coming back and is hitting the fashion dome like a ticking bomb. This 70's trend is making its presence and some, if not everyone, is strutting their own style of the trend. Make sure it is a statement pieces and do not go 'overkill'. 

 Truth to tell, nice patches are hard to find. By sheer luck you will find few one-of-a-kind patches. Initially, you need a dozen or so patches to create a wonderful piece of (wearable) art. Php100/per patch is no joke, baby! Stradivarius has theirs in a pack of Php495 consisting of six little, cute patches. I need maybe 5 packs. Oh, my, that would be a lot of money to begin with. So off to my fave place to find these little 'wonders'. I kept coming back in a week straight scoring flea markets looking for these gems. Being a pro myself in this field, it is easy for me, though a week is taxing, finding pieces with patches embellishments. 

Lucky enough, found two (Mickey) t-shirts with patches that I was looking for. Yup, the two tees were enough to create a (wearable) DIY piece of art. Lost no time removing them from the tees and started sewing them in my mesh jacket. It was doubly-genius strokes hitting patches and owning two t-shirts at same time. HAHAHA.


Having said earlier that the trend has some great #DIY factor, it does not matter if you recycle patches from other piece of clothing deemed so outdated already in terms of style and cut. Or use the ones you've still got in one of the boxes from the Nineties that you never wanted to open up again. HAHAHA. 

Shopping patches online is one tool too to acquire exquisite ones. There are patches that you simply ironed them and voila, instant piece of trendy piece. In my case, I sewed them just to keep the 'safety' purposes in them. I come to believed that patches overtime will fall on its own. Just making sure, folks! 

Anyway, create your own or simply buy off-the-rack if budget is favorable but I advise you to do it on your own. After all seeing a piece of beautiful piece of garment out from your creative skills will surely make you proud of. 

Light and Love!



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