I have been living in dresses this late. I love how a simple dress will evolved into something fresher and newer take in styling. Layering is the key.  Its just easy to throw on a dress and go especially when you're in doubt. But for me its the other way around. It should be layered so as to achieved fierceness yet not overboard. 

Found this embroidered (apron) dress moons ago. What got me into this piece of gem is the way it was painstakingly embroidered and simply being an apron-ish. 'No worry', I said to myself, 'Its all year summer in this side of the world'. Speaking of layering, yup, I layered it to the brim, HAHAHA. Another dress on top of this apron dress and a leather vest to create a boho vibe altogether. Don't forget the flared trousers underneath. What's exciting about is the styling process involved and with all the laborious act transpired you came out a winner! You know that feeling that you're ready to go out from your door and set the streets on fire. HAHAHA. 

Light and Love!



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