Jackets are good investment pieces. It will stand the test of time. Never outdated if you get the classic styles but whatever it is, be it embellished, embroidered, a jacket will always serves its purpose. 

Timeless wardrobe staple, that is! Moons ago, this chinois-ish jacket caught my eyes while exploring sale online. To be honest, I have a fascination with anything Chinese. More so when it comes to chinois-inspired pieces. But before I keep telling myself how I love this jacket to pieces, let me educate you a bit about 'chinois' thing. 'Chinoiserie' is a French word which means Chinese thing. Where we can see its influences all around us - everything from garden stools to bird and flower inspirations. 

So I guess this chinois jacket was quite a steal for a 50% slash on its original price tag. No second thoughts whatsoever, dahlings. I am sure this will keep me fashion-forward with its quirky style and design.


I want something upbeat styling to match the edgy appeal of the jacket so I went with a stripes blouse and cullotes. No matter how I experiment with some combo of solids from time to time, a print-on-print take will always gets me going. I just love the process that goes with every printed pieces clashing and when worn altogether you still got the ace and nod from the fashion police. Rising above from the sea of basics, so to speak. HAHAHA. So yabang! 

Just kidding, folks! 

Light and Love!



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