Tie It, The Way You Want It!

When a 100% silk scarf wraps around my neck, it is so gentle and I see life in polka dotted scarves. See, how a simple outfit 'sparked' a rather simple outfit. One fine day, found myself in the middle of old Manila streets wandering about with my little scarf. Felt romantic, nonetheless. When your outfit needs a little kick, a scarf will save the day. Invest in fine, silk scarf. Choose sweet colors when you go on plainer ones. When you opt for printed matter, go bolder such as polkas, stripes, and lastly but importantly, animal prints. Printed scarves are fun and fearless. It will create a whole fun vibe into your style. Its versatile too. You can wrap it around your neck, or no wrap at all just hang in there with your outfit of the day, tie it as a front and side bow of your blouse, a single knot in front, and so on. When female fashionistas just start adopting this trend, men are all experts in single wraps around the neck. In fact, this is a masculine piece of accessories. So go ahead and enjoy this little piece of beauty. Light and love.


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