Statement t-shirts
have been trending for quite sometime now and I don't think they will be going out anytime anywhere soon. They will stay, for sure. Its like echoing a voice of your own hugot at the moment. 

Yup, there are a lot of different ways to wearing a statement tee. With the smiling sun, in a literal sense of the word, almost everyday, you can wear your t-shirt in itself and head out and tell the world your 'voice' but in style. HAHAHA. But until then, and when rainy days are here or maybe amplifying the look, you can style it with a jacket or a blazer, bring out your statement necklace, paired it with boyfriend or distressed jeans, or head out in full ball gown skirt just to be in a different mode, or mix it with vest or with a denim shirt in a buttoned down styling. I NEED TO BREATHE!😀

The lists of how to style the t-shirt in almost a lot possible ways. In today's post, I've shown it largely as a statement tee in itself paired with embellished shorts and in another time, with a stripe jacket. Well, the jacket is a statement piece in itself. HAHAHA. Why not! You know me, I won't settle less for an outfit, so to speak. But again, this t-shirt is special. It comes with a tulle overlay which was dramatic and fun I guess. 

Light and Love!



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