Layering during this uncomfortable weather is not that easy.The secret is to do it without trying hard and not just relying on a cardigan. As far as my memory serves me right, I began layering since the 80's, when as a student my favourite outfit consisted of a cotton tee with nice print and jacket over my stretchable jeans. While on the other side of the universe at that time, Donna Karan started her signature collection of layering in luxurious fabrics designed to mix and match. 

Of course with the scorching sun over our heads, limit yourself to three layering and use the thinnest material there is. In my case, I always build up my layering by having first a long dress converted into a cardigan. Surprised? Yup, do not fret, folks! What is nice with a simple cut maxi dress is that it can be a convertible piece of garment. The aim to layering is to look chic and feel comfortable as well. I always go for print-on-print take which is my signature style and tempered them with a solid colour cardi or a maxi jacket or in this case, a dress. 

Lightweight fabrics will make an outfit slinky and chic. 

Light and Love!



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