With the power to be both smart and casual, checkered shirt is a versatile piece of garment. 

Obviously, this is a wardrobe staple. It will never go out in fashion. Check shirts is worn by everyone, from rockstars, to businessmen. With so many colours and check styles to chose from, its a little bit tricky when choosing a checkered shirt. I always go for the smaller checks. It does give a less bold and registered a cleaner look. I find wider checks, manly. HAHAHA. 

Secondly, I love red colour check shirt. It evokes attention. What is essentially nice with the shirt in today's post that it comes with a variety of patches. Very young and different. The deciding factor with its mix and match is just so easy, Check (red) shirt is so perfect with jeans. And awesome with dungarees. 

Light and Love!



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