Boho Fever

I've become quite obsessed with pretty boho blouses lately and the one I am wearing in today's post is definitely a favourite at the moment. I am always on the look out for effortlessly casual blouses with just the right amount of details. The crocheted factor that come with this blouse is just so loved and intricately labored. The color is just so neutral for a mix and match and the style is just so everything. Boho blouses are one staple that is indispensable in all functions there is: it can be for casual Fridays, hitting the beach the next or just plainly wandering about the desert safari in one of the many vacays planned. Just throw on your trusty distressed jeans and your're ready to hit the streets. You can amplify the styling by wearing heels too. Yes, folks, it will not end to your lazy feet by wearing leather flats all the time. Boho dressing can be versatile. But please stick to jeans. Light and love.


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