Bare Shoulders

OFF THE SHOULDERS trend is back in business. So off I wander about wearing one. HAHAHA. And this is a good excuse with the kind of weather these days. No second thoughts whatsoever, Choz! I know, I know, my dungarees is all over my blog this late. HAHAHA. The thing is I can throw anything with my overalls. Anyways, bare shoulders was massive in the 90's. Retail chains are practically throwing off the styles this summer season, be it a dress or a blouse. Though most of this styles evoke a boho chic vibe, the trend is quite a versatile piece of garment. Of course for women out there, the possibilities are endless of its mix and match. Off shoulders tops is so delish looking when paired with distressed shorts or jeans. Sealed the style with the nicest, classic strappy heels. Or you can go downtown by wearing flats or espadrilles. It does not end there. Off shoulders blouse in sateen fabric can be a star of its own for some special occasion. You can pair it with flared trousers and you are carpet-ready. And perhaps more than ever, this cute, little style will always be a staple in one fashionista's wardrobe. Light and love.


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