The fabric is a stunning brocade. Lined with hand-sewn beads in multiple toned mauve pattern evoking a Victorian vibe. Brocade purse is a sight to behold and to own. The only drawback to this type of purse is not typically functional. But don't be fooled by its size. This purse carry most of my essentials: cellphone, make-up, perfume, several cards, charger and my trusty LV key purse which double as coin purse. See its not that tiny at all! 

Brocade purses are versatile these days. It can be your arm candy when hitting downtown or uptown. Its actually a conversational piece to begin with. And the clasp is just so unique.


Anyway, found myself moons ago wearing this tribal print linen shirt which I adorably loved to pieces. Years back, I'm a hoarder for anything tribal. From tapestries to runners, decors to designing a whole lot of tribal collection during my designing days. I guess my roots is the usual suspect. HAHAHA. I still do up to these days. I found tribal prints enchanting and gutsier when being worn. 

When wearing tribal print pieces, opt for a simple mix and match. Make sure not to overdo it. Yes, you can add another patterns but always not too much as this will lead you to being dressed in the dark. Simplicity is key with tribal, just as it is with any pattern. 

Light and Love!



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