Its my third visit but Boracay still mesmerized me in more ways than one. Known as the beach capital of the Philippines, Bora continues to entice me again and again. Tourists from around the world come to this paradise with its crystal-clear cool waters and powder-soft white sand that never get hot even in the afternoon sun. 5 days of pure relaxation in this paradise was totally awesome. With my friends in tow, the vacay was nothing short of pleasure and adventure. I can see myself retiring in Boracay. 😀 Truthfully, island life is appealing to me these days. I am no beach bum, myself but this late it was the reverse. Being whisked away in a paradise like Bora is just so heaven, away from the hustle and bustle in the city. The possibilities for pleasure and adventure in this paradise seems endless. Ahh, Bora.


Lazy Dog Bed and Breakfast rightfully provided us the best accomodation for the entire stay. Located in Bulabog Beach, the place is a quick walk from the White Beach. Lazy Dog preserves the old Boracay feel of relaxing island getaway and the slow paced life. Sorrounded with greeneries, one can relax, order food from Whiskey's Cafe, read a book or just while away the afternoon. By the way, Whiskey's Cafe is named ater its resident dog, Whiskey. Everyone know this fellow. These days, Whiskey is old and most of the time, sleeping. I was in love with the place. Bulabog beach is a stone's throwaway but the waters was not that affluent because it is for sports activities. Just the same, it never missed my #OOTDs.


The next days saw us enjoying the vast gifts of nature via island hopping. One we enjoyed so much that we decided to be left behind from our boat was Puka Shell Beach. The beach is 800 meters long and has an abundance of small shells and tiny white coral amulets, which are suitable for necklace pendants. Puka Beach is named after the puka shell. regarded by experts as the finest in the world. This is the most primitive and rugged part of Boracay. The locals made good businesses in the island. I ordered their local halo-halo and had banana cue pegged at Php20 per. This must be the expensive banana cue I've ever ate. HAHAHA. Not minding the summer heat, we navigated our way in the island allowing us to appreciate the beauty of nature. Of course, we consumed most of the tour from taking photos the way we love it! HAHAHA. 

Light and Love!



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