The whole time we've spent in Bora, there were always a surprise factor that come our way.  One, the island-hopping. Aside from the given routes, we chose to be left behind to thoroughly enjoyed Puka Beach all to ourselves. Its more fun when not planned. Not to miss out our Dampa experience too. Well, its hard to tell but the whole thing was way funny but we ended the Dampa story on a high note, literally happy tummies. HAHAHA. 
Anyway, BORA was teeming with activities out from the LaBoracay event. Shorelines were dotted with life-size speakers and synthesized equipments all in the name of music, fun and beat. Revelers were pleasurably consumed night after night of booze, glorious food and maybe, sex. Ahem. 
Combing the beachlines on a late afternoons, sometimes you felt like locking yourself up somewhere not crowded. Good thing, there was Puka Beach for a change of sceneries and vibe. But again, Bora truly is world class with its majestic beauty and gift of nature. What else to ask for! Here's to hoping by the time I get back, the islands stay as heavenly as it was when I left. 

Light and Love!



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