The summer heat is never an issue to me when it comes to my styling. I still go through with layering, but with the thinnest fabric possible. Yup, 40 degrees is not a threat whatsoever. I am a shield, myself. HAHAHA. 

Jokingly aside, summer (temp) gets intense these days but its not an excuse to be lazy when it comes to your wardrobe choices. Obviously, cotton top the lists of material swatches. There are organic made garments that is also stylish. Initially, color set my mood. I always go for lively ones. Mustard, red wine, yellow, old rose are the hues which suited me best with my brown skin. I am always feeling pretty with these hues. It has also its positive effect to people around me. They always hit me with nice compliments which makes me blushed at times. HAHAHA. Pa-sweet lang. Chaz! 

Anways, cotton and lace won't hurt the fashion plate. Tempered with distressed jeans, the whole look spells fun, freedom of movement and fierce. 

Light and Love!



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