The 90's are having a moment these days and overalls are back in full force. 

The resurgence of this juvenile piece of garment is welcomed by many. Fashionistas has their different take on this fashion staple. In my case, a lacey number will seal the deal. Overalls when paired with the correct clothing and accessories, it can be a versatile as your fave boyfriend's jeans. 

I vividly remembered I wore overalls when I was five years old then. Obviously, my mom had me worn it with a cotton tee. Had I known it before that you can play it with anything, I should have tell mom to mix it with an eyelet blouse. HAHAHA. Well, that's another story to tell though. 

If you are intrigued by the trend but had a hard time with the styling factor that comes with it, then be joyous! Their is no rules with the mix and match when donning an overalls. Go ahead with that stripes tee, or how about an oxford shirt with 3 buttons down, or go grunge by tying a shirt around the waist and so on. Possibilities are endless. Be adventurous. 


Light and Love!



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