The week had gone without me noticing it. Days went by so quickly and felt I am running out of time with everything to accomplished. This is why, I always looked forward to weekend for a much-needed respite from it all. Recharging the mind and body is highly necessary ( especially so if you're into your 40's). HAHAHA. What I really wanted this time is hit the gym on a weekend. But it remains a plan. Plan that never materialized. You see, and in most cases, I began to tire easily between 6 P.M. A quick nap would mend the weary bones temporarily but this late, it was a different feel. Maybe the high temp these days. Yup, sun was really at its finest every single day since the onset of March. More water intake, folks. Or I should say, more fluids intake from my end. I don't drink water that much, to begin with. But this time, there is no escaping, so to speak.
Anyway, moons ago, found myself (again!) in this grey maxis but this time with a new twist, the grey, floppy hat as accessory. Just wanted to create the illusion of solids and few accessory to add drama and color. Well, its also the debut of a new love, the #LV briefcase. I love the clean result of solids when wore separately but looking a set altogether. Well, maxis really are my love these days. Can't get enough of them. Light and love, everyone!


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