Yellow Dreams

Yellow is my 'perk-me-up' kind of color. Whenever I'm down and out, nothing beats my yellow #Moschino shirt to wrapped me up, so to speak, to go on the day ahead of me. See, its not shopping therapy, after all. HAHAHA. I believed color is associated with our mode of the day. When in doubt, black is our escape. Right? Choosing red is power, I guess. Pink, maybe some sweet musings or just being in 'virginal' vibe. HAHAHA. Well, different folks, different moods. In my case, bright yellow. My trusty #Moschino always is available for some comfort feel. Its been with me for 5 years and no hint of retiring soon. What with the bright color still very much pronounced up to these days. Its good to splurged a little sometime for quality factor. It will last for sure. Light and love, everyone!


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