Second day was trekking day. Call time: 6 a.m. Up a little late but managed to join the group. Yup, the island was also home to picturesque hills. Navigating our way was no picnic at the park. The hills was deceiving when sized-up from below. But the view was priceless. Nature at its best. Nothing short of greeneries and fresh air. Breakfast was served by 8 a.m. - right after the trekking activity - and went with island hopping afterwards. We visited two islands, spent a handful of hours taking photos with its powdery white sand and went back in time for our  lunch. Another dose of seafoods, again! Who am I to complain. HAHAHA. Of course, I whispered a little prayer.


The day went ahead with us looking for some potential photo locations. The beach is already a wonder in itself, but again, our minds were into something else, and found ourselves risking our lives choosing rock formations instead. How vain! HAHAHA. 

Anyway, the two nights, three days vacay, was well spent in paradise, no less. Mahabang Buhangin Beach, Calaguas Island took our breath away. 

Vowed to come back any sooner. In the meantime, enjoy. 

Light and Love!



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