Mad About Madonna

This is a shameless post, to begin with. Its not that I have less fun with the #RebelHeartTour concert of Madonna but frankly, I should be on the best spot had the price of the concert tickets would have been affordable. Gosh! The (second - best) seats in the house would cost me a month's salary. And sadly, I will not forget the fact that I am living in a 3rd World country. But overall, it was a dream come true! Madonna in flesh! And seeing and hearing her performed live was a big, big bonus kicking-off this year. She was really an adrenaline-junkie, after all! I was dancing, most of the time in awed with her that at 57 years old ( correct me if I got it wrong), she (still) could packed and rocked the house down. And everybody wanted (some) more of the queen. No regrets for splurging a little of my hard-earned money and surely, that was her first and last concert in the tropic Pines. Enjoy! Light and Love, everyone!


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