This is a shameless post, to begin with. 

Its not that I have less fun with the Rebel Heart Tour concert of Madonna but frankly, I should have been on the best spot had the price of the concert tickets would have been affordable. Gosh! The (second - best) seats in the house would cost me a month's salary. And sadly, I will not forget the fact that I am living in a Third World country. But overall, it was a dream come true! 

The queen in flesh! 

And seeing and hearing her performed live was a gazillion bonus kicking-off this year. She was really an adrenaline-junkie, after all! I was dancing, most of the time, pinching myself with what is happening that night.  She still could packed and rocked the house down, at 57 years younger. How's that!  Everyone wanted (some) more of the queen. Shouting and dancing the night away. Mesmerized. Even dreaming of her. 

No regrets for splurging a little of my hard-earned money and surely, that was her first and last concert in the tropic Pines. Lucky ME!


Light and Love!



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